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The Logmatic wood splitters or manual log splitters are innovative wood and log splitting tools, developed in Finland and provide a safe and not too strenuous method of splitting firewood.

Unlike more traditional methods of wood and log splitters such as using an axe, maul or sledge hammer and wedges; all of which require some skill and strength to swing and hit the wood or wedges accurately, the Logmatic Manual Log Splitter will always split the wood with repeated blows in exactly the same place.

Furthermore as there is no swing involved there is little danger to bystanders or to oneself through a careless swing. The working posture whilst using our innovative wood splitting tools remains straight and this largely avoids any back stain.

Operation of the wood or manual log splitter could not be simpler. Select the striking point in the block of wood to be split. If there are already cracks these represent lines of weakness and the blade should be placed there. Holding the lower handle of the log splitter with one hand and the upper handle with the other, lift up the upper shaft and bring it down smartly to key the blade in the wood. Then move both hands to the upper handle and a few sharp blows should split the wood. With practice a good stock of split firewood will soon be piling up.


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